What people need is not necessarily what they want.

3 steps to success

A successful online marketer told me that until he realised there were just 3 STEPS to success on line he spent a least 3 years going down rabbit holes. At the moment there is one gigantic rabbit hole awaiting us all.. AI in the form of ChatGPT.

Now ChatGPT and it’s derivatives has not changed the 3 steps. Certainly, made it easier as a tool to use to create the 3 steps, but not changed it. So forget all the latest offers and courses and concentrate on the 3 steps.

What are the 3 steps? Offer, Traffic and Conversion. Now before you think that’s just too easy. Stop a minute and just look at anything you have brought on line. There is the Offer be it something on Amazon or another seller. It can be a physical product, or a download but its an Offer. Traffic is the potential customer or buyer brought to the offer by many means including a Google search, product video on FaceBook or from an email offer. Conversion is the process where the potential buyer is converted into a buyer.

You may not believe it but that’s it at the bare bones level. Yes I know there are many parts to the 3 step process, but they are additions. I know of one successful information seller who does not have a website and even sells without a sales page, just a buy now button. Now I’m not suggesting you don’t need a website or blog.

Lets take a look at these 3 steps:

  1. Offer is your product which could be physical such as a mug or a service or an eBook, report, list or a membership. It could be an affiliate offer or something you own, or have produced.
  2. Traffic is the process of getting potential buyers to your offer. The mantra the money is in the list is often banded about in the Internet Marketing niche with justification. However, the size of your list is not as important as it’s responsiveness.
  3. Conversion is the action of a potential buyer becoming a buyer or customer. Although the process is simple the complexity of the change to a customer is not. 

Along this simple process there are a warren of rabbit holes to go down. One of these is the “next shining object” that we are all presented with, from the latest must have WordPress plugin to the system to makes money with one click. Then there is copy writing and long or short copy and headline. There is a multitude of additional pieces that you can add to the 3 step process.

Your only question is do they help me or my customers. Will that plugin make my site more appealing and convert more customer? Will the affiliate offer help or move my customers towards their goal. Take ChatGPT it could have suggested this content but it would lack certain subtleties and Google would be able to note it was not derived from a human. True it may have been more succient