What people need is not necessarily what they want.


In the short time, this free app has been available it has been receiving rave reviews and is hailed as the holy grail for content marketers, bloggers and everything in between. It has got more subscribers in its short existence than it took YouTube six months to get.

Wow, you’re saying that’s great no more blank screen to start my creative writing. Therein lies the first problem it’s hailed as artificial intelligence, but it has a stored database of information going back a few years but it’s not up to date. No problem just check and tweak if need be and there is my next blog post.

If only it was that simple. Because it’s not, what the program does very well is collect a lot of information which it then presented to you as a response to a comment or request you ask it. Here is the problem it has not written that from its knowledge but from all the information it holds. Therefore, although it might have put a spin on it that information has been gathered from several sources. So, there is a potential issue with copyright and plagiarism.

That’s not to say it’s not useful but it needs to be seen as a tool to assist in say speeding up searches for content and like PLR needs to be carefully edited to become unique. Google and other platforms will scan the content and check it for originality. If it’s found not to be original then it is wasted and you could be penalized too.

As a tool, it can be used to assist in several ways but not as the only source of your content. It will certainly help with getting ideas down and its use in mind mapping has potential. You may argue that there is very little original content. However, when you personalize your content, it changes the content and has originality.

Here is some useful information https://app.getresponse.com/click.html?x=a62b&lc=SaT1ey&mc=J2&s=BVUDZoc&u=B0s6&z=Ey1wzT3&. It’s not an affiliate link of mine, so have a look.

The important issue of plagiarism is covered with some examples of duplicate content checkers finding most of the content is found somewhere else.

Like most tools use it as a means of assisting in getting the job done quicker giving you more time to do other processes in your business.

Since I wrote this article the Internet is awash with prompts the basic way to interact with Chat GPT. Just check with a Google search youw’ll  see what I mean. This is important as the number of prompts on offer is just crazy. Don’t be seduced by the price either. Why? Because most are provided by ChatGPT with just a few seed prompts to get ChatGPT going..

There is a specific way to get the most out of ChatGPT. One important area is in not asking it to do to much in your first prompt. Be specific if you have some specific idea in mind or ask it what it needs to produce the information. In other words get ChatGPT to give you the prompts it needs to do the job.

Have you used an Ai programme to get pictures or illustrations for your work? Ever looked hard at them and found people with extra bits or 6 fingers. Faces can be distroted and all sorts of disfigurations can be seen. One of the reasons for this is that the source picture is 2D and the rendering will be in 3D. The programme has a problem, at present, with sorting out features in multiple faces and even two people holding hands. Bits get added or rendered poorly. Hence people get 6 fingers. So be very careful when you use these programmes. Below is a pug on a scooter, look carefullt at the paws and  below that a pug with 2 tails?

The latest  function is that in the paid ChapGPT you can now create your own bot witha specific requirement, like a chef, writer, body builder etc. This will mean that the bot you create can be specifically adapted to say a single task,for example creating HTML scripts or CSS scripts or both. The potential problem here is that if you are not a coder you could create code that requires a lot of debugging. You could use your bot but would it or you know, unless your a coder, what is wrong?

Lots of potential and exciting possibilities but again it’s a tool to be used to assist you in doing actions within your business quicker or simpler.