What people need is not necessarily what they want.

Staying Focused

Now more so than ever FOCUS on anything we wish to do is paramount to gaining success. If like me you have been around before lunar landings, Google, Facebook and a lot more you will know what I mean. I have a Facebook account because it keeps me in touch with family and friends. But all the ads that are showing are just a distraction and the short reels too.

Our lives have become bombarded with information and disinformation. Marketing uses images both still and moving to get a reaction. Newspapers used images to get over a point. The Ukraine war is a war of images as were the wars before it. The result of those images has a reaction from the people seeing those images. No matter how horrific we all react in some way. Look at ads on the TV telling us that pensioners should be taking supplements. We assume that what they tell us is based on unbiased scientific research.

How can we stay focused when all this is going on around us? Hell, I have just got up to make a cup of coffee! It’s not easy, but it is essential to success in whatever we do. Darren Hardy, a very successful author and multi-millionaire says we all have “monkey brains” By that he means we are easily distracted from what we originally set out to do in our day.

Many of the world’s successful people are able to maintain their focus for longer than the rest of us. In doing so they achieve more without apparent effort. This doesn’t only apply to business people but sports people too. They are focused on achieving a desired result, often they use visualization as a means to keep focused.

What are we to do to achieve focus?The simplest method I have found is to make a to-do list. Then only do any activity in chunks of time. For me this is 20 minutes, then either make a drink, take a walk, or do something else for a chunk of time. You can see how that goes and then use a more refined system like the Pomodoro system it is a useful way to manage your time and therefore stay focussed. Above all is to be consistent, just like the tortoise and not rush at everything. Try it and see what works for you.