What people need is not necessarily what they want.

What is a Niche?

Simply it’s a subsection of a general subject. An example would be a dog is a general subject and a pug is a subsection.

The idea of looking for niches is to find specific categories in that it may be possible to make money in. Also, it gives you an indication of how much competition there is. Remember, some competition is not a bad thing. It means people are selling in that niche and gives you some ideas as to how you can offer a better product or spin on an existing one, even add a bonus.

In, the area we will be searching adding customizing, or free shipping may give you the edge.

Not all niches are that simple but it gives you a starting point. Here is a screenshot of an Etsy search for mugs. As you can see, there are mugs of all descriptions.

Now if we now start to be more specific our search results become more defined. Now our search is showing Christmas mugs.

Again we search for a specific type of mug, for dogs or dog lovers.

So far we have done three searches each becoming more specific. Now we search for mugs for pugs.

Notice Etsy is showing the “most loved mugs for pugs” and there is still a massive quantity of mugs available. We could attempt to search for a more restricted category, like black pugs.

As you can see this is still a popular subject and there are a lot of black pug mugs, although there are also additional items like socks appearing in the search. This would give you a good general idea of the amount of competition if you were thinking of offering mugs in this niche.

Let’s do one more search to see how many mugs are available for grandpa’s pug mug.

There are a few but not as many as our other searches. So our search has resulted in the subsection or category of grandpas pug mug being either not limited offers or we may need to try other spellins.. This does not mean this niche is not suitable just we would need to do some keyword searches to get a better idea of its viability as a potential selling point.

I hope that has given you some idea of what a niche is and how to find them.

Happy searching.